Sunday, 22 June 2008

Naughty boys..

The photo isn't fantastic, but you get the idea! This is what happens when you let 3 little boys loose in a barn! Oskar was playing with Aksel and Lukas yesterday in their grandfathers barn (Tor Martin Moe) Here is Oskar and Aksel having fun in the sawdust!

When Nils brought Oskar home for lunch, he stripped Oskar down to his nappy outside the door! Sawdust was everywhere, including his hair! Oskar will be hoping Aksel and Lukas visit more often!

It'a official....

Humberside is an exotic location!!...that is the area now known as North Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire. And why? Well KLM want to charge from 4508NOK for return for flights between Oslo and Humberside airport, that's why! It is cheaper to get to Beijing, China 3333NOK, Boston, USA 3651NOK and Orlando 4332NOK, than hop across the North Sea! Where KLM get their prices from I don't know! But it is safe to say, I am not willing to pay such a price for return tickets to UK! Oskar and I are "fortunate" and booked sale tickets from Sandefjord to Manchester via Amsterdam for 36ooNOK!. We are coming over at the beginning of August. Unfortunately, Ryanair don't fly anywhere near Hull (Liverpool, Stansted, Birmingham, Prestwick), so we have no choice. We can't even get a ferry from Kristiansand to Newcastle either:(

I've spent a lot of time browsing airline websites over the past week..firstly for the above mentioned trip and also because Scrap-a-Ganza have provisionally mentioned their next event in Haarlem between 14th-16th November! Lucky old KLM seem likely to take my money again as I can't find cheaper or more convenient flights (although 06.15am take-off after 1hr45 min drive to airport isn't convenient) Also there is no ferry from Norway to Netherlands either. Someone mentioned the great price from Hull to Rotterdam........wrong time, wrong place;)

Just to add..still having PC problems..keeps crashing with or without external hard-drive, where my photos are stored. I hate making picture less posts...sorry.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Whilst the cat was away......

...the mice played!

Not to be out done by my busy weekend, Nils and Oskar had a great time in my absence! swimming, BBQ, eating icecream in the lovely weather we've been having.


What can I was fab! It was a weekend that began at 02.30am Friday morning and finished midnight Sunday. It was tiring, but so enjoyable. The classes were out of this world. Will be back later with more information and some photos!