Friday, 21 March 2008

Happy Easter / God Påske

Well, I wanted a snow free Easter.....this is what I got!

Hope the weather is better where you are!

Monday, 3 March 2008

Medallion Man..

...what more can I say? Oskar has taken a fancy to a Zulu necklace I bought in South Africa some years ago!

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Happy Birthday to me:-)

29 today!!!!!!! Hhmm, okay I'll add a few more years!

We had a bit of a party today. Anyone who knows me will know that parties are not really my thing. However, Oskar does, so as today is Sunday, decided to go-ahead and have one. It was so worth it. Oskar had a ball. He loved having lots of people around. He is particularly fond of his cousin Tor, who shows great patience with Oskar. Anette was here too, so he did have someone of his own age to play with as well. Mind you, he wasn't so impressed having a "girl" around in the beginning, but before long, they were playing together happily.

Everyone enjoyed themselves, so that's it for another year for me.......Oskar will probably like a party for Daddy's birthday in April;-)


decided to take a gift and unwrap it himself! Fortunately for Oskar, it was earmarked for him, but not at this time. You see, I saw this item half price whilst shopping. As I like a bargain, I decided that it could be an Easter or Birthday gift. After buying it, I went over to the gift wrap section and covered it, so it wasn't visible to a curious toddler. On returning home, I left it in the hall along with a Birthday gift for his cousin, Even.
The following day, Oskar brings Even's present in to play/look at. He wasn't at all happy that I took it from him and moved it out of his reach. A few minutes later, Oskar is sat on the floor with the other gift, ripping the paper off. I was impressed he was doing this because he wasn't at all interested in opening his Christmas pressies. Therefore, he is now the proud owner of a Fisher Price Pirate Ship!