Wednesday, 20 February 2008

My whole world is lighting up..


Electricians have been here today and already the house is brighter and lighter!

Monday, 11 February 2008

2nd post of the year...

..and it is mid February already! Ohhh, I should be ashamed for been so behind;) Where has the first 6 weeks of this year gone?

Well, beginning of January, Oskar had his 18 month check-up. All is fine:-) He weighed in at 11.5kg & 82cm. That makes him very much a 50 percentile child, which is fine with us....not too small and not too big!

Also in January, I booked a weekend at Scrap-a-Ganza in June. It will be the first time I'll be away from Oskar for more than an hour or too. It will be 3 whole days! I am feeling guilty about abandoning Oskar and Nils, but so need the break. It will be a full-on scrapfest! I'm planning on doing lots of classes, so my mind should be occupied all the time. At least I hope it will!
I was originally planning on going to a Scrapajack retreat in Stratford on Avon in May. We were going to incorporate a weeks holiday in a cottage with my parents too. However, As Nils' work contract/plans are still not approved and current contract expires 29th February, I looked at doing the trip alone. Unfortunately, flights and retreat came to far too much money for the UK option. Also, the dates were not as favourable either. So, I had to abandon that idea, which is a shame as I wont be able to see Dawn, Lesley, Lynn or Racheal:(

On the home front, we are slowly getting back to normal. I just need to get my scrapping stuff re-housed in the "BLUE ROOM",and I can then catch-up on all the stuff I need to do.....thank-you cards from Christmas, up coming swaps etc. Hopefully, this will be the last time I move all my craft things and they remain in their new home.

February means the beginning of the Birthday season in our families. So far, we have had: Tor - 4th Feb, Elise - 7th Feb. Next we have Drew on 13th Feb, Dad (Ron) - 21st Feb, Olav - 24th Feb, ME - 2nd March, Mum (Irene) - 6th March, Ove - 11th March & Even - 19th March! That's a lot of pressies to buy! Also, it doesn't include the people I know and relatives we have, that we send cards too during this MAD 6 weeks!

The weather is feeling rather Spring like at the moment. The snow and ice is melting and receding. Green shoots are appearing too. We even had 3 roedeer outside the kitchen window this afternoon! Mind you, there is still plenty of time for more snow, but I really hope we have a snow free Easter this year.

The photos were taken in Brussels in December.