Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Seasonal Greetings everyone

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season.

Sunday, 23 December 2007

Whats been happening??

....well, the renovations are still not finished!

Last week we had 4 days in Brussels...here's what happened:

Monday : Anyone who knows me will know that I don't do "last minute" when it comes to traveling. I like to allow plenty of time to get to the airport. So with that in mind, we (I) decided that we needed to leave the house at 8.30am for a 12.30pm flight from Kristiansand to Amsterdam. (journey time to airport under 2 hours). We were all ready to drive off at 8.45am, except we had to lock our door. Our neighbour had one key (to feed the cats), MIL had another to come in and do some decorating for us & the remaining key was attached to the car key, in the ignition. So, Nils switched off the engine to lock the door. Got back in, turned the ignition and NOTHING! The car completely died. The electrics seemed okay, so Nils went to fetch the keys for our other car and started it up. He attached jump leads and still nothing. Prognosis - looks like the starter motor has gone!
We then had no choice but to load up the other car, which is a 3 door, Oskar's car seat doesn't fit and de-ice in minus 16 degrees. To solve the problem of the child seat, we had to resort to getting Oskar's old seat out. Luckily, he was still within the weight limit for the seat, but a tad too long. However, we had no choice.....by the time we left home, it was 9.45am!
We arrived at the airport at 11.35am. We were relieved that, as this is a small airport, we were still allowed to check-in......what a relief! We made our flight! As a major plus, we were moved from our original seats, so that we had 3 seats in total - what luxury, when you have a Oskar on your lap!
The rest of the journey went smoothly. Oskar loved all the Christmas lights at Schipol Airport as well as the giraffe highchair in the food court. The flight from Amsterdam to Brussels took 30 minutes and on arrival, we hopped onto a bus, which dropped us off about a minutes walk from the hotel.

Oskar loved the room we had - all light switches at his level and a great corner window he could look out and watch the passing traffic!

Tuesday : I slept very badly, so woke up feeling dreadful. Nils' meeting wasn't scheduled until later in the day, so we had a relaxed breakfast, before heading our separate ways. Nils to his meeting in Auderghem, and Oskar and I to the centre of town. We were lead to believe that the walk from the hotel to The Grand Place was approx 20-30 minutes! Wrong! It takes 1 hour, as the tourist signs take you in a direction that a person with buggy can't go - down flights of steps! The more I walked, the more wound-up I became...I was also looking for a shop/supermarket so that I could buy a bottle of water for Oskar. The pavements were either blocked or uneven...I was zigzagging all the time, couldn't find a shop that was accessible......in the end I had a panic attack. At the point, I wished the pavement could have swallowed me up, but in reality, that's not practical with a 17 month old

Thursday, 22 November 2007

A dusting of snow..

is what we woke up to this morning! I am so glad to report that is has all gone, vanished!

The lounge still isn't finished, but here is a little peak :

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

The work is progressing..

..we've just bought 25 metres of oak skirtings for the lounge. They are just a little bit expensive, but look great.

Oskar is back to normal again - continuing to chomp his way through most days too! One of his favourites at the moment is Conference Pear - he's eating one a day for his mid-morning snack!

Still no snow - hurrah!

Trying to finish my Christmas ATC's for the Scrapparazzi swap.

Friday, 16 November 2007

We are well now.....

....and the lounge is Mimosa Yellow!!! I'm still amazed that Nils agreed to the colour;-) I'll add photos when the room is completely finished.

Had to take Oskar to the Dr's a couple of days ago as he had a really sore bottom and rash on his legs and bits & bobs! Diagnosis was a reaction to either:
a) MMR vaccination.
b) Teething.
c) The stomach virus he had recently!
OR a combination of all three! October was a tough month for his little body.
Glad to say that the rash is now lessening and the bottom isn't as sore:-)

There were two Scrapparazzi birthdays last weekend, so managed Janet's card and Lynn's 4x4 CJ pages. Amazingly Posten & Royal Mail worked well and the cards arrived on time:-)

Sunday, 4 November 2007

16 months old today!

Time does fly......!

So, I didn't do the update as planned - there was a good reason. Anyway, here's what we've been up to since my last big post.

Mum & Dad came over for a visit laden with Christmas pressies! The 10 days flew past and before we knew it, they were heading home. Oskar and I were intending on taking them to Torp for their flight. However, Oskar came down with a contagious stomache virus on their last day. Poor little mite was quite poorly for a day or so, but took a week before we were clear of extreme nappies. They disappeared as his appetite came back. He is full of life again and eating for Norway - which is good because he lost so much weight. He's lost his "chunky chicken legs"! I fell foul to the virus too and am recovering from my 48 hour extreme detox!

We've got our Brussels trip all sorted too - we will be staying at the SAS Radisson EU Hotel for 3 nights:-)

Tomorrow, Oskar and I will visit Anne Gro & Anette. I am hoping to finish the Scrapparazzi ATC & November birthday swaps whilst there too......already a bit late with the posting. But, it is possible for stuff to cross The North Sea in only two days...be kind to us postal system so that the cards and CJ pages arrive in UK by 10th November.

Update on the DIY - just one more coat of varnish (number 7) and they are done - hurray! can you believe that everything will be completed by Christmas!....

Thursday, 1 November 2007

November already?

Going to try and update you all later......promise!

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Autumn is well & truly here! Leaves are falling off the trees, frosty mornings!
All the begonias & dahlias are up and put away for the winter. Our only sunflower is now beginning to fade too! So it is back to drying clothes in the house, lighting the stoves for warmth, wearing long sleeves!
On a plus note, the floors have been sanded and soon to be varnished. Even in their unfinished state, they look so much better:) Whilst the varnishing is been done, we are living temporarily at Olav & Torbjørg's place. Sunday, we will be back, sorting everything in
time for my parents arriving next week!
Also, we have booked flights for Brussels in December:) Nils has two review meetings on 18th & 19th with the EU for the EIAO project. So, as I like Brussels, Oskar and I are coming along too. Last time I was in Brussels, it was December too & the Grand Place looked like something from Disneyworld, with all the Christmas lights! I am sure Oskar will love it......if not, he will like the chocolates......wonder who he takes after-LOL!

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Where is your favourite place?

Oskar's is the millstone bird bath, which is a dumping ground for pegs, half eaten apples and Little People!

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

How do you eat yours?

Well, this is how you eat Tuscany Chicken, as demonstrated by Oskar!

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Oh dear....not updated because.....

I've been sorting my Facebook account-oops! Mind you, there are familiar faces to be found.. Will try harder tomorrow!

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Oskar is 14 months old today..

and we were in Australia, half his lifetime ago.....The past 7 months has gone so fast.
The photo of Shadow was taken yesterday....this is what happens when you leave leftover pork at the table!

Saturday, 1 September 2007

So it is Autumn now....where did the Summer go??


So it is officially Autumn now. Even without the date change, there is a definite chill in the air. Can't believe a week ago it was 26 degrees, now it is 12! We've even had frost within the past week!

So Autumn means harvest and we'll be able to pick our pumpkins when they ripen. We have three growing and as long as we have one for Halloween, I'll be happy. Due to all the wet weather over Summer, the apples are rubbish this year. It doesn't stop Oskar munching them. Although the ones picked from the trees are much better than the half eaten, brown ones that are lying on the ground................are you listening Oskar! Yes, he thinks the garden is full of things to eat, but wont touch anything green on his dinner plate!!

Thursday, 30 August 2007

Here are some photos I took on 5th August.
We are near to the city I was born and brought up. Not as glamourous a setting as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. However, after seeing the said famous one, it is the one local to where I come from that is the most impressive. And it is longer too! Until about 10 years ago, this was the longest single span bridge in the world.

How to cure a sore back..

For the last couple of days, my back has been really sore. It happened on Tuesday morning. All I did was barely move, as I played with Oskar on the floor-BANG Something doesn't feel right anymore! Anyway, I have struggled since then....in a morning I resemble a 90 year old needing a zimmer frame (until the anti-inflam meds kick in) Well today I was out shopping with Oskar. The cheeky chappy decided he wanted to go for a walk after the supermarket and stopped when he was inside the shop selling toys!!!! Anyway, after we left, he didn't want to walk and was a little so & so....at one point he was like a puppet (he was wearing a harness) as that was the only way to get him to move, without me bending or picking him up. Then the little monkey made a sudden jolt and BANG.....my back really hurts! We got back to the car and I could feel the lower back pulsing...so uncomfortable. However, since then, my back has actually improved, can't believe it! It still isn't right, but better than it was. So, my son is an alternative therapist;-)

Later in the day, Daddy took Oskar to have a look at Mummy's poor old car and had a look!

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Change of scenery!

After a couple of "housy" entries, I thought I'd post some pics of Oskar. They were taken in the garden last Saturday. Now that I've got some photos of him with Thomas the Tank, I can FINALLY use the paper I bought months ago for such pictures-LOL! I am also planning some LO's too. I don't normally make notes or draw sketches. However, as my memory isn' what it was, I am now jotting things down to remember.

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Fixing the floor in the lounge!

The everlasting floor renovation in the lounge, looks likely to come to a satisfactory conclusion in the coming weeks! Nils is busy putting mahogany strips into the oak floor. With a bit of luck, we'll be getting a flooring company in within the next couple of weeks to sand it all down and varnish. Also, need to choose the new colours for the room! We'll be having Oskar's, guest and hall floors sanded and varnished too! Soon, you wont recognise the place-LOL!

A little bit more about what is happening here (housewise)

Those of you that know me, will know Oskar and I spent 4 weeks in UK during the summer, whilst Nils stayed home to fix the house up. He didn't do it all alone, but had help for members of our family's. One of the things that was done was the staircase. Here are before (up) and after (below)pictures.

Monday, 27 August 2007

It all happens here, you know;-)

Firstly, the front of the house has a new look and it is fab.....1000% better than before;-)

Secondly, the local History Association had a tour of our little hamlet yesterday. Did you know, that there has been a settlement here since viking times? Our neighbour even has a viking sword and axe that he found! He is allowed to keep them as the law regarding treasure trove items wasn't introduced until after his finds! Anyway, despite our rural location, we attracted a lot of people. Our other neighbour and son have a small museum too, so there was a chance to see things as well as look and learn about our "little" place. The event rounded off by a demonstration and view of the horses that are here.......did you know, one of the most famous horses in Norway lives here......

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

I know, I know...

So, we are back in Norway and I still haven't been blogging................will catch up, I promise!

Friday, 3 August 2007

Only a few more days.....

Well, I had intended to do a full commentary of our trip to UK. However, I still haven't fathomed how to download the photos, so haven't bothered!

We have only a few days before flying back to Norway on 8th August. it is going to be a busy few days too.

Today, we will visit my cousing Joanne and her three children. Also planned is a trip to The Deep and some Christmas shopping!

I'm glad to say that the sun is shining....hope the rain doesn't return (yet)

Friday, 13 July 2007

Lynn & Oskar on tour.......

Well, we are in Hull!!! and it is raining!

We've been here since Wednesday evening and it has been a bit tricky! Oskar is still teething and has now caught a cold. On top of that, he is over tired and whiney. So things can only get better. Hoping Oskar feels better tomorrow.

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Yankee Doodle Dandy, its the 4th of July &

Oskar is 1 today. Gratulerer med dagen / Happy Birthday little fella!

A lovely day was had by all. In our house, it started at 6am. Oskar was bright and breezy and raring to go. He opened his presents before breakfast and had a chance to play a little before his 9am appt. at the health station. Poor little fella had to have two injections:-( He was supposed to have had them 2 weeks ago, but as Nils had shingles, we had to wait and see if Oskar got chickenpox. Luckily, he didn't, but the delay meant, that today was injection day. It went fine like it always does. He cried a little, but soon recovered. Next stop was to visit bestemor and bestefar. More presents were waiting too. Lucky little boy! By 11am, it was all too much and Oskar fell asleep before he'd had chance to have his pre-nap yoghurt!

A hungry tummy awoke him 1 hour later and he had lunch. By this time, the sunshine made a suprise visit, so we had a little walk in the garden. After 3pm, we went to get a very early dinner and cake. Oskar enjoyed the homemade "meatcakes" with veggies and gravy. This was followed by 3 types of cake: cheesecake, chocolate cake and choc chip creamcake! Oskar found all of them very yummy indeed!

Back home and there was more playtime. Before we knew it, it was 6pm and we started his bedtime routine.

Overall a lovely day, despite the torrential rain! Is this really July weather? Now we can look forward to the birthday party on Saturday. Please make the sunshine, so we can hold it in the garden.....PLEASE!!!

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Where have I been?


Well, I haven't been anwhere apart from a couple of shopping trips to Arendal and Grimstad. The second trip, being a rather expensive one! First on the list was shoes for Oskar. He made his first unaided step last Sunday, so there were a essencial. So now he is the proud wearer of size 21 Ecco sandals!
The second large purchase was a tricycle for Oskar. With his 1st birthday fast approaching and the weather very summery, we decided to buy one now, so that he has the opportunity to play with it as much as possible. This is because I and Oskar will be heading to UK for 4 weeks, the week after his birthday.

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Hot news-LOL!

.....the new memory for the PC is not done yet, however Nils re-jigged my laptop so that I could download 447 pictures. I can make the blog a bit more colourful now;-)

So grown up...

Oskar enjoying a dip in a nearby lake with Daddy. As you can see, he loved it!

Friday, 25 May 2007

just to add

..as soon as we have the new memory for the PC, I'll be posting more photos.

What is it today?.


Felt a bit wobbly all day. Don't know why?

Oskar is gaining more courage every day and will probably take his first steps in the coming days. He is clambering around the furniture all the time now....!

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Why is it........?

when I try to have an early night, Oskar decides to have a bad one:-( When I stay up late, he sleeps through the night! Is it possible for me to have an early night and Oskar sleep around the clock on the same night? I neeeed more sleep!

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

So, what have we been up to?

Busy, busy, busy....! We've been having a massive clearout and tidy-up ahead of the next lot of work to be done in the house in July. It is suprising how much stuff we have!

Thursday, 17 May 2007

17. mai

Today is Norway's national day. A day when most people don their traditional dress (bunad) and join in parades and celebrations.

I'm not Norwegian, so no national dress for me. Not for my jeans and t-shirt husband either! As for Oskar, he was dressed smartly in his strippy jeans, best shirt and denim jacket! He looked very smart/casual. I just don't like the "little Lord Fauntelroy" look for my little boy.

As for the day, we went to one of the local schools for an hour. In the area we live, the day starts with "toget" (parade). When this finishes, the days festivities start at the school near to the church. By early afternoon, the activities move a few km's away to the other school (where we went). I just wish that in a small community like ours, that there is just one venue and not two. There is a feeling of "them and us", which I think is sad. But these are just my feelings on the matter.

Later in the day, we were invited to a BBQ hosted by friends. We were joined by both their sets of parents and other close relatives. It was great for Oskar, as he had two little friends his own age to play with. Normally these kind of days are the ones you spend with your own family.....not an option for us!
We left just before Oskar's bedtime as a previous trip out told us the hard way that small children can be tricky when their routine gets out of sync! No problem today though:-)

Friday, 11 May 2007

The garden....

...is alive with the sound of bees. What a racket they are making too. After doing the plum and cherry trees, they are now concentrating their efforts of the apple trees. Mind you, I did my bit to help mother nature. We have a greengage tree, but will only produce the fruit if pollenated with a yellow plum. Our yellow plum tree isn't anywhere near the greengage one, so I did my bit to help;-) Elsewhere, the lily of the valley is in flower and like everything else, is 3-4 weeks early.

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Where does the time go, again?

Is it really a week since my update - shocking...!

All things swimmingly here! Oskar is on top form. Crawling everywhere and into everything. He is now over 9kg and 74cms. He loves his food and developing a tummy "like daddy"!

We should hopefully be getting more memory for the PC's next week. We have about 300 photos to download.....no doubt more by the time we get organised.

Nils is upto his eyeballs in all things EIAO. EU deadlines to be met.....

I'm fine too;-)

Friday, 4 May 2007

10 months old today.....

That's what Oskar is today - Happy Birthday Cheeky Fella! Also Gratulerer med dagen, Anette. 1 år i dag!

Yesterday Anette and Anne Karine came to play. The weather was good, so we got the garden furniture and the blankets out! Toys came out too;-)

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

May 1st means HOLIDAY......

....well for Nils. It is May Day, so a holiday here in Norway as well as many other European countries.

The gorgeous weather continues too, so no excuse for staying indoors now that the tax returns are finished with for another year:-)

No photos today as we need to buy new memory for our PC's!!

Friday, 27 April 2007

The sun is shining...!

It is suprising how much a bit of sunshine lifts the spirits. It is warm and sunny today - cannot complain. This time last year, we had tons of snow. This year the plum and cherry trees are already in blossom - freaky!

Oskar can now stand-up on his own and crawl too. It was a big day in his life yesterday... This of course means that we have to clear the decks....Oskar is coming!! Well, not quite. However, when in his "non-politically correct" babywalker, he is like the Tasmanian Devil;-) So far today, we have two pot plant casualties.....!

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

It is going to be a long day!


SAS nightmare update 07.30 - I've sent an SMS to Nils to wish him "happy birthday". I've had no reply so far, so I am hoping he is at Christian's house having a proper sleep. Just hope his mobile isn't flat. We'll be glad when we know where "Daddy" is......! I looked on Copenhagen Airport this morning and the SAS flight to Brussels is also cancelled, so Nils wouldn't have gotten to his meeting...or back to Kristiansand.

Update 10.30 - No news from Nils....have tried calling his mobile, but no reply....getting worried....!

Update 12.00 - Have spoken to Nils:-) He's in Aalborg and will be going to Hirshals to get the "Ana Silvia" (Colorline) at 17.30. He will arrive in Kristiansand at 20.00 and will take either a bus or taxi back to Kjevik to pick up his car. ETA around 22.30:-)

Now I know why Nils took my laptop...his work one is pants! It crashed on me yesterday! Luckily, I am able to use the normal PC and amazed myself that I remembered the password to log on. Off to make a cheesecake whilst Oskar is sleeping. BTW it is another grey, miserable and wet day....!

Update 16.00 - Nils is in Hirshals. He has checked in for his crossing back to Kristiansand and just killing time at the moment before the 17.30 departure. It is 24 degrees in Hirshals - about 14 degrees warmer then here!

Final update on SAS nightmare - Nils arrived home at 22.40!

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

SAS - DO not use this Airline!

The weather is grey and miserable. Nils has left for his trip to Brussels. He has taken my laptop with him, as the EU have issued more questions ahead of tomorrows EIAO meeting and my laptop is far better than his work issued Windows one! So, he will be able to work ,review and prepare whilst travelling.

So, what are Oskar and I up to? Well, as I type, he is having his nap. If I am lucky, it will be for 2 hours. Just enough time to sort out the washing, have lunch, prepare dinner.........! When he wakes, we'll have a trip to the local shops and then play for a bit. If I am really lucky I might get some "me" time after his bedtime. Time will tell.....!

A little update at 19:00 hrs. Nils is currently stranded in Copenhagen. SAS cabin personnel are on an unofficial strike! Nils is waiting in a massive queue, to find out "what happens next!" As it stands, it looks likely that he will spend the night in Denmark. If he can't be put on the 07.15 flight to Brussels(tomorrow), then he will be on a flight back to Norway! The annoying thing is that, he was booked on a KLM flight, but someone decided to change his flights to save a bit of money......expensive move, as the flight and hotel cancellation is a bit high for non-attendance of a very important meeting! But we'll see.....maybe he'll get to his meeting - I'll let you know!

Update 21:00hrs. There are NO rooms available for Nils, so now has to try and get back to Norway from Copenhagen. Total chaos at the airport and after waiting in a queue for 4 hours, still not managed to sort out "what to do next". Luckily, a Danish colleague was booked on the same flight to Brussels as Nils, so option A is to go by train to Aalborg and stay at Christians house tonight and travel by train and ferry back to Kristiansand to pick up his car. Option B is to try and get on the last flight to Torp this evening. If that is the case. I'll have to drive to the airport and pick Nils up (3hour round trip). Tomorrow, we then have to drive to Kjevik (Kristiansand Airport) to pick up Nils' car. Both options a real hassle! Just need to wait for another call from Nils to see what he decides.

Update 22:00hrs. Nils is going to make his way via train to Aalborg with Christian. The last flight to Torp was full...So, not sure what time they will reach Aalborg. Still chaos at the airport, so Nils hasn't managed to see any staff to get any info or receive food/drink vouchers....:-( The SAS website is totally out of touch with the situation. They are saying that passengers would be put up in hotels, offered vouchers! Are they not aware there are no rooms to be had on the CPH are of Denmark and Southern Sweden this evening?

Update 22.45hrs. The train from Copenhagen to Aalbourg will take 5 hours and departs at 00.30. Nils is hoping to get some sleep....It will then be further travel to Hirshals to get the ferry at 13.45. He'll arrive in Krisiansand at around 18.30 and then has to get a taxi or bus back to the airport for the car. It is then nearly a 2 hour drive back home. So, Nils will spend most of his Birthday/our anniversary travelling and will get back a couple of hours earlier than if he'd done the EIAO meeting! I'll be glad when he is back home.

Sunday, 22 April 2007

Update on Oskar..

Firstly, did I tell you we had a new front door? It is a lovely shade of dark green and will look perfect, when fitted in July. I'll no longer be embarassed by the state of our current entrance to the house;-)

Oskar is nearly 10 months old now - just can't believe how time has flown by....! He has 5 teeth and is a chatterbox! He loves his food and will now try almost anything. Although I still make a few dishes specifically for him, he mostly eats what we do - perfect. long may it last...! Looks like we have finally cracked the milk thing too. He was more than happy to take a bottle from me for the first time this evening. Good job too, as Nils will be away Tuesday and Wednesday, so I'll be on my own. I'm so glad that we have got over this hurdle. Now we just have to re-introduce the bedtime routine, which has slipped a bit over the past couple of weeks. There is always something...!

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

MM Idol

Those of you that know me, will know that I spend a little bit of time on UKS everyday. So I am delighted, that a member of UKS - Suzanne Torr reached the top three in the MM Idol competition. A fantastic achievement for a talented lady -well done. It is also refreshing that scrappers from other parts of the world are beginning to make their mark in the world of scrapbooking.

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Scrapbooking Magazines.

It looks like there is going to be a new scrapbook magazine hitting the stores in June. This time, it is exclusively for Scandinavian scrapbookers - Skandinavisk Scrapbooking. Of course, I'll be subbing to this new magazine. However, I feel by doing this, that it will be a kiss of death for the yet to be published........! I don't have a good experience for subscribing to scrapbook magazines. Both Scrapbook Magic (British) and Scrapbook Answers (US), were great reads and very popular. But their publishing companies decided to pull the plug on both. Just hope that this "new kid on the block" will last longer than a 12-18 months. Saying that, Ett Trykk, a Norwegian stamping bi-monthly, with card making/Scrapbooking seems to do reasonably well. There may be hope..!

So, what else am I doing? Well, looking for new stock for Ellesea! It is so hard, when you want to buy it all-LOL! I have decided to make a few changes with Ellesea. As the current market is saturated with similar stores, it is important to do something different to the competition. So, we are now different!

Also had my hair cut today:-)

Oskar is continuing to do well. We had a little hiccup the other night when Nils started to give him his bedtime bottle, but everthing is fine now. A bonus is that Oskar is sleeping through the night too:-) The big test will be next week. Nils will travel to Brussels for a review meeting for the EIAO project (European Internet Accessibility Observatory), so Oskar will have to hopefully take a bottle from me......keep your fingers crossed!

Sunday, 15 April 2007

Work finished for the time being....!

My scraproom now has 3 new windows. The renovation work is finished for now and will re-commence in July. To coincide with this, Oskar and I will spend a month in UK, to escape all the dust and mess! Can't escape the dust at the moment though, but the cleaning process shouldn't take too much time. I can't wait to get cracking in my room again and I'm sure Oskar will like been back in there once again. Now the weather is warming up, it is nice cool, unlike the rest of the house.

The end of work also means that Mum, Dad and Uncle George have now gone back to UK. I'm sure Oskar will miss all the extra attention he has been getting over the past 10 days. Just have to wait and see if he will continue to accept a bedtime bottle off Nils or me......."Mummy Milk is coming off the menu...."

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

The Work Continues.............!

I spent a bit of time in the garden this morning raking up some leaves. Just need to get rid of them now!
So, the final window to be replaced in the scrapping room is out and should be in shortly. The weather is perfect at the moment, so ideal working conditions. The back of the house is now a workplace with a couple of daffodils dotted around!

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Operation House Fix

So, my scraproom is another work room at the moment - one for House Fixer!! He is currently putting new windows in the room. So far, two have been replaced and he is now working on the third! I can't wait for the work to finish so that I can try and get in there and do some scrapping. I've tons of ideas whirling around my head. Just hope that Oskar will allow me the time to do something creative!

Oskar seems to be going through a growth spurt at the moment and eating so well. There isn't much he wont try! Still trying to get him to take formula. But haven't yet found a way that he will take his milk. ( apart from Mummy!) We'll just keep trying!

Monday, 2 April 2007

Is it April already?

Where has the 1st quarter of the year gone?

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Another sunny day....!

It is always a good start to the day when a customer asks about a product I stock:-)

The day hasn't pannd out how I would have liked, but c'est la vie!

Oskar is still enjoing time with pappa and the sledge. Now the snow has receeded further back. Only a few more days and we'll be snow free-hurray!

I've signed up for more classes - must be a need to keep myself engulfed in projects! Check out Design Collective

Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Busy, busy, busy.....!

Well, I think I've been busy over the past couple of days...! (Monday & Tuesday)

Monday, I took Oskar to play with the Girlies (Anette and Anne Karine). The weather was warm again and they played in the sunshine. We only stayed for an hour as the 1-3pm time slot doesn't fit in with all the different naptimes. Oskar had already had his nap before the visit, so was fine, but the others are used to sleeping in the afternoon, whereas Oskar is a 12-2 napper (usually)!

After the social activities, it was time for a spot of shopping and Oskar saw Tante Torill! In between all of this I was making stock and food for Oskar's meals. I made a batch of pasta and some was eaten for dinner and the rest is in ice-cube sized portions in the freezer.

Bedtime was a nightmare, just as I thought things were improving.....! I had plans for an evening in my craftroom - no such luck!

Tuesday was far better. I managed to get a bit of crafting done - hurray! Oskar was on top form too. He ate well and settled much easier in the evening:-) Hope for more of this:-)

Sunday, 25 March 2007

Making the most of the weather....!

The garden may be still half covered with snow, but signs of Spring are still present. We have two flowering crocus and the catkins are out on the Pussy Willow Tree! As the snow is receding daily, Nils and Oskar took advantage of this and got the sledge out again. Oskar loved been pulled around the garden! As a bonus, it was also a warm 15 degrees celsuis! No snow suits needed!

Friday, 23 March 2007

Getting back to normal!

Is it really two weeks since I updated the blog? - Shameful, I know;-)

Well, we are over the jetlag and getting back to normal. The weather here has been kind and mild since our return from Australia and made our re-habilitation easier to deal with! Oskar is doing well and very content. However, he doesn't like settling at nightime any more, so this has been tricky. We are hoping that this is just a phase. After all, he was fine before we took him half-way around the world and back! Plus he's been teething since January and getting used to solid food too! Phew, no wonder he is a bit confused! I hope that he will eventually get back into his proper bedtime routine, so that I can get something done in the evening!

I've loads of scrapping ideas and no-time to devote to them, never mind anything else. I've signed up for another Shimelle course. But, as I haven't time to do either of the other two I sign-up for, then I think I am saving them for my retirement - LOL!