Friday, 23 March 2007

Getting back to normal!

Is it really two weeks since I updated the blog? - Shameful, I know;-)

Well, we are over the jetlag and getting back to normal. The weather here has been kind and mild since our return from Australia and made our re-habilitation easier to deal with! Oskar is doing well and very content. However, he doesn't like settling at nightime any more, so this has been tricky. We are hoping that this is just a phase. After all, he was fine before we took him half-way around the world and back! Plus he's been teething since January and getting used to solid food too! Phew, no wonder he is a bit confused! I hope that he will eventually get back into his proper bedtime routine, so that I can get something done in the evening!

I've loads of scrapping ideas and no-time to devote to them, never mind anything else. I've signed up for another Shimelle course. But, as I haven't time to do either of the other two I sign-up for, then I think I am saving them for my retirement - LOL!
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