Saturday, 3 March 2007

2nd March - My Birthday!

WooHoo 40 Today!

The day started with a visit to Lisa's friend Kelly's for a cuppa! Kelly has family and friends in Mabelthorpe and Hull! After that, we went to Scrapbook Secrets in Maddington for a little stash shopping! It was a big shop and I was spoilt for choice! Oskar found the whole thing boring, but began enjoying himself, when Nils took him over to the play area in the shop - perfect.

After the purchases were made, including a Rusty Pickle map of how Yorkshire looked in the 19th century!, we headed to Rolley on the Ridge for lunch. The food was excellent. Nils and I had macadamia crusted chicken on herbed polenta with roast veggies and Lisa has mushroom risotto balls, stuffed with mozzarella! Before we knew it, there was a little time for a quick wizz around the supermarket for BBQ food, before picking Elise up from school. I then prepared the pork and made a pasta salad! At this point, I still hadn't opened any of my cards or presents because I was waiting for Drew to get home from school - great willpower;-)

I began opening my presents, whilst chatting to Mum and Dad on the phone. Oskar was sat on my knee too and was really noisy and chatty! i could hardly hear the conversation at times. I received some beautiful gifts and lovely cards.

Before we knew it, it was 6 o'clock and Myra, Pim, Abbie and Stella arrived for the little "PARTY" I deliberately chose this option, rather than going to a restaurant because of Oskar. It is much easier to deal with him(teething) in familiar surroundings, rather than a busy restaurant! The food was great, so was the wine too! I also had a chocolate birthday cake, but only 2 candles!!

Later in the evening, Kelly and her daughter Cassie popped in for a drink, before we called it a night. It was the end of a special day, which was made possible by Nils, Osakr, Lisa, Derek, Drew and Elise - Thank you xx

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