Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Busy, busy, busy.....!

Well, I think I've been busy over the past couple of days...! (Monday & Tuesday)

Monday, I took Oskar to play with the Girlies (Anette and Anne Karine). The weather was warm again and they played in the sunshine. We only stayed for an hour as the 1-3pm time slot doesn't fit in with all the different naptimes. Oskar had already had his nap before the visit, so was fine, but the others are used to sleeping in the afternoon, whereas Oskar is a 12-2 napper (usually)!

After the social activities, it was time for a spot of shopping and Oskar saw Tante Torill! In between all of this I was making stock and food for Oskar's meals. I made a batch of pasta and some was eaten for dinner and the rest is in ice-cube sized portions in the freezer.

Bedtime was a nightmare, just as I thought things were improving.....! I had plans for an evening in my craftroom - no such luck!

Tuesday was far better. I managed to get a bit of crafting done - hurray! Oskar was on top form too. He ate well and settled much easier in the evening:-) Hope for more of this:-)
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