Thursday, 1 March 2007

27th February - a day at Rottnest Island.

We got up early (0600) to go to Rottnest. We had a tight schedule and Lynn was anxious that we would not reach the ferry in time, and had a short fuse! However we got on the train, and got the tickets organised in Fremantle ½ hour before the ferry came. Oskar fell asleep, and slept through the first part of his boat trip, but woke up and enjoyed the last part of the trip. The weather was quite grey in Perth and Fremantle, but it brightened up at Rottnest. We bought some bread rolls at the bakery and had lunch there. Lynn checked out the souvernir shop, and bought a couple of items. Then we went along the old prison buildings, which now are holiday homes . After that, we went to the second lighthouse, went past the old Chapel, and went around in Thomson Bay for a while, until we had a bite to eat at Dome. At Dome we got several pictures of a half-tame Quokka that wandered around in the outdoor cafe area. Oskar dipped his toes in the sea in Thomson Bay as well, because the water is very calm there. The water was warm, so Oskar enjoyed it, and chipped like a bird! We went back with the ferry at 1600, and came back to Kelmscott at 1830. Derek had made Ravioli for dinner and Oskar actually enjoyed this! He ate more than 3 filled raviolis cut into small pieces! So he does enjoy his savoury food after all, as long as it is not baby food!

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