Saturday, 10 March 2007

5th March - in Nils' words........!

We are going back home :-( It has been a very nice holiday here in Australia, but the weather today was too warm – 40 degrees... It will be good to come home to cooler temperatures, and it will also be good to see how the cats are doing at home. Last of all – it will be fantastic to sleep in our own bed again! Our guest bed has been too narrow when Oskar was sleeping between us. Lynn managed to get him into the routine of sleeping the first part of the night in his travel cot, however he insisted on sleeping with us when he woke up at night. Most of the day was used for packing. Eventually all the bags were filled to the brim, and we were worried if we had managed to get the hand luggage under 7 kilos. It turned out that we were under the weight limit, even though we thought we would be over! We went to Sizzlers to have dinner. Derek had to take us in two batches in the white car. After that, he brought us to the airport, which also took two rounds to get everything with us, including Lisa, Derek, Drew and Elise. We had an emotional goodbye, before we went on the plane. Nils managed to forget the PC in the security check, and had to go back to fetch it, when we realised it was not in our luggage. Luckily the security officers had taken good care of it, however they wondered if I had had a blackout when I managed to forget the PC. Strange things like this happen when you deal with the logistics and stress of getting tired children through the security check, whilst at the same time trying to pay attention to what the security offices asked us to do. Now we are on the plane back to Dubai. Lynn is resting, and Oskar is asleep on her lap. He fell asleep during takeoff, so he must have been tired! We did not put him in the bassinette yet, since he easily wakes up, and he did not enjoy the bassinette so much on the flights to Perth. It is night now, we are over the Indian Ocean and have only got 8 hours to go to Dubai... Oskar has become a true “jet setter”, and has experienced travel by train, boat and plane!
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