Thursday, 1 March 2007

26th February - in Nils' words....

Lynn went to Cath's to have a haircut, to look even better for her 40th birthday and Nils looked after Oskar in the mean time. Lynn decided to walk back, but was surprised by the worst thunderstorm that had been in the area for several years, and she was frightened and wet through when she came back. It was a magnificent view when the lightening was in the distance, but it was not so fun when lightening struck down all around you. We lost electricity for around ½ hour, and some of the thunder was so close to the house that I jumped from the bang. Lynn thought it must have hit a metal roof close by. In the afternoon, Lisa took us to Pioneer Village to go shopping in some “Lynn shops”. One of the shops was a craft shop with a decent stock of Scrapbooking stash. In another shop she bought a calendar. In the evening, Lynn made another batch of “Veiled Country Lass” (Tilslørte bondepiker).

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