Thursday, 1 March 2007

28th February...

It is raining in Perth! We tried a couple of times to get out in the morning (rain & no coats!) For lunch, Lynn made cheese, ham and Branston pickle sandwiches, which Oskar also enjoyed. Wont be buying anymore Heinz or Nestle food for him, when he likes our food so much. Mind you, I'm sure there are people who must be cringing at the thought of a nearly 8 month old baby liking branston Pickle! Must be his Yorkshire genes! In the afternoon, we went shopping with Jackie and Lisa to the Armadale Centre. Jackie thought the weather was freezing, even though Lynn and I did not find it particularly cold! It was really funny hearing everyone complaining about the “cold”, when it was still about 24 degrees celsius! In the evening, Lisa went out wearing a scarf!

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