Thursday, 27 June 2013

Oskar and the Poppies.

The story begins in October 2005...specifically Friday 14th October 2005. This was the day that the poppy plant situated under one of our kitchen windows decided to flower for the second time that year. The one flower opened for just one day only. The cold weather saw to that! The other signicant news of the day was confirming my suspicion about being pregnant!

The continued story would have been perfect if Oskar had been around in June 2006 for the poppy flowering again. But as we know, babies arrive when they want (in Oskar's case, after much medical pursuasion). This next photo was taken 35.5 weeks later. It was 20th June 2006 and 3 days away from my due date. However, Oskar was determined to be a July baby and eventually arrived on 4th July!

Oskar first introduction to the poppies was on 2nd June 2007.

Every year since then, I've taken photos of Oskar next to the poppies and I'll continue to do so until he is all grown up. This years photos were taken yesterday (sunshine) and today (dull).

Taking a little break from.........

It is that time of year, when a certain young man has a birthday fast approaching! In a practical sense, that means their is plenty of party planning to be done ((groan )).
First job to be tackled is the invitations. Whilst sensible parents run off to the nearest retail outlet and buy what is needed.....I make them! I'm a scrapbooker with enough stash to last a lifetime....buying invitations, when they can be lovingly made by myself isn't an option. Also, said son kind of expects to have some input on the design. So for the past couple of days I've been cropping, painting, stamping and glueing. All that needs doing now is writing them and sending them out.

After the birthday and party are over and done with (at least the kids one), I'll be relaxing with a new ebook that will be published on the same day- 4th July. It is the next book in the Dunham series by Moriah Jovan. After I have finished this book, I'll probably re-read all of the current books in the Kathleen Turner Series by Tiffany A Snow. Whilst book 4 in the series isn't released until 18th December, the first of two companion books will be available on 6th August:)- Turn on a Dime - Blane's Turn

Now I'd better stop blogging and get those invitations in envelopes!

Monday, 3 June 2013


1.6km / 1 mile from where I live is Nesbrua. The bridge stretches over a narrow part of Gjerstadvannet (lake). We have to drive/walk over the bridge to get to where we live.

This photo I took this afternoon around 2pm whilst waiting for the school bus to drop off Oskar.

At the moment, tree pollen is everywhere...our cars are covered. Here you can see some pollen that has fallen into Gjerstadvannet.

A view of the bridge from the side we live was taken last week. Oskar has his rain cover on his rucksack! He's on his way to catch the school bus along Gjerstadveien.

How it looked at the end of Winter.

1st three days of Summer @ Mo!

It has been a wonderful start to the Summer, here in Southern Norway. Nice warm temperatures and lots of sun! To Oskar, this means that we are only one month to his 7th Birthday! For me, it is refreshing to be able to natures' greenery, after a long Winter.

Yes, it was 22 degrees Celsius at 11am on 1st June! Okay, to most people, the fact we reached a high of 25 degrees Celsius that day isn't by any standards special! But to us living in the temperate climes of Northern Europe, it is welcome and long overdue;)

Forget-Me-Nots growing wildly in the garden!!

Although we love rhubarb, it isn't good for people who have joint we don't eat any :( Therefore, we just let it flowers in its own unique way!

Since the snow melted, I walk Oskar down to the bus stop each day (unless it is raining). It is 2km from our house to where he picks up the bus on the nearest main road. In a morning we walk half the distance, as that is all that time allows. This morning, we saw more signs of Summer:

I love the scent of Lily of the Valley and the delicate white flowers.

Beautiful Violas.

The flowers of the Wild Strawberry.....Oskar loves eating the fruit when ready!

Lastly a picture of one of our apple trees. It is now hiding the huge Magpie penthouse style nest. So now, as the tree looks so pretty, we re-named it the Magpie Love-shack!!