Thursday, 25 January 2007

What a week for Oskar!

January has been a big month for Oskar. He began to sit unaided at the beginning of the month. But this week he has excelled himself! Apart from gaining a tooth, he slept right through the night for the first time:-) I couldn't believe it this morning, when the alarm went off at 6am (Nils working in Grimstad all week) and I hadn't gotten up during the night. He went right from 7pm-6am. Just hope that it isn't a one off!
His transition to solid food is going reasonably well. Now that he has got used to porridge - he has that for breakfast along with pureed fruit. Lunchtime is trickier, as he tends to only like my elksoup at the moment. Not so keen on tasting individual veggies. Needless to say, he hasn't developed a taste for green veggies either. His cauliflower and asparagus were uncerimoniously dumped on the floor on the last tasting! Mind you, he doesn't like jar food either. I tried "Mormor's lapskaus" (Grandma's stew) and Turkey with veggies. Both were spat out at every mouthful. I did find a bit of comfort in this, as he doesn't like my "cherubs chowder" an Anabell Karmel recipe that I lovingly cooked for him. So far on both tastes, he showed an array of facial contortions! But I will keep plugging away as I still have 3 portions of the chowder in the freezer! What shall Oskar have today;-)
As Oskar has a small appetite, he hasn't worked up managing 3 meals a day yet!

It was a chilly minus 17 last night! Oskar and I went for our daily walk at noon today and it had warmed up to minus 8. Another bright and sunny day.......!

Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Still got snow-LOL!

Snow is still here - no suprise! Since the snow last weekend, the temperatures have dropped like a stone. So, we are keeping cosy and warm. However, Oskar and I do go out for a daily walk and it was a lovely minus 4 degrees celsius today and the sun was shining. Much warmer than yesterday!

I'm starting to get organised for our trip. I should write a list to make sure I remember everything. Thankfully KLM & Emirates are allowing us to have an additional 10kg of hand luggage for Oskar. Just wish we could check it in, as we will have enough to carry with our own hand luggage and Oskar! Never mind, I'm sure we'll manage! I tell you, travelling with a baby requires so much equipment. Trying to transplant all his daily needs half way around the world is a nightmare! Luckily, Lisa has managed to borrow a car seat for us as well as a highchair. We have bought a travelcot, a LittleLife one, which is lightweight,packs small and looks fab too! We also splashed out on a new carrier. The Baby Bjorn one we borrowed is awful. No back support and uncomfortable to wear. Of course, Oskar loves it! Now though, we have a serious one from Bergans, which will also protect Oskar from the elements. I'm sure he will love this too!

Monday, 22 January 2007

We have a tooth!

Yes, finally, Oskar has a tooth. It has taken a while but now he has one. Tooth brush and toothpaste are at the ready! Here is a picture of Oskar and Nils taken yesterday whilst visiting Anne Gro, Finn and Anette. This gave Oskar the opportunity to play on his sledge again. He has to make the most of the late arrival of snow as it is now a week and a half before we set off to Australia. We all need some warm "winter" sunshine.

We got snow!

As we live in the Land of the Midnight Sun, it is hardly suprising that we have snow in winter. However compared to last year, we only have a little bit - just like the kind you get in UK. Here though, the below minus temperatures make sure the snow lingers for more than a few days. If we are really unlucky, it lingers for months. For our little fella, snow is something new, and the past couple of days, he has been out enjoying it!

A little intro........!

A place where we can keep you all updated with what is happening here at Moe! That's the idea..although I can't promise that I can offer daily doses of life on the farm. But will try and post when can. Maybe it will be daily, weekly or monthly - who know's? Time will tell!