Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Still got snow-LOL!

Snow is still here - no suprise! Since the snow last weekend, the temperatures have dropped like a stone. So, we are keeping cosy and warm. However, Oskar and I do go out for a daily walk and it was a lovely minus 4 degrees celsius today and the sun was shining. Much warmer than yesterday!

I'm starting to get organised for our trip. I should write a list to make sure I remember everything. Thankfully KLM & Emirates are allowing us to have an additional 10kg of hand luggage for Oskar. Just wish we could check it in, as we will have enough to carry with our own hand luggage and Oskar! Never mind, I'm sure we'll manage! I tell you, travelling with a baby requires so much equipment. Trying to transplant all his daily needs half way around the world is a nightmare! Luckily, Lisa has managed to borrow a car seat for us as well as a highchair. We have bought a travelcot, a LittleLife one, which is lightweight,packs small and looks fab too! We also splashed out on a new carrier. The Baby Bjorn one we borrowed is awful. No back support and uncomfortable to wear. Of course, Oskar loves it! Now though, we have a serious one from Bergans, which will also protect Oskar from the elements. I'm sure he will love this too!
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