Saturday, 30 March 2013

Easter Bunny has been!

Actually it is a hare here in Norway, but still it hops!! Hare foot prints across the snow! Oskar on the lookout for more goodies! Hhmm, I wonder what THAT is? It looks like it has been a successful hunt, with enough chocolate to last until Oskar's 7th Birthday in July!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Comfort food!

I've just told Nils what we're having for dinner this evening and he's really happy with choice! You see, he feels like he's banging his head against a wall! With a deadline looming over his head, and problems hitting him at every turn, a comforting meal will hit the spot! So we are having Corned Beef Hash! Not exactly an exotic or healthy dish, but one that is hearty...leaving you with a full tummy and a contented feeling! The only time I buy corned beef is to make this recipe and I only cook it maximum twice a year. So it is a special pre-Easter treat!

Monday, 25 March 2013

Happy Easter / God Påske

In anticipation of the Easter Bunny coming for a visit later in the week. I've put out the seasonal decorations! The decorations are a mix of stuff that has been bought over the years &  Oskar's handy work<3 p="">
The orchids are recent acquisitions. The yellow one was a Valentine's gift from Nils. The pink one was received last week as a belated Birthday gift. Both, of course blend in nicely with Easter window display.

Easter will be a quiet affair this year. Nils is in the process of finishing up his dissertation for his PHd.  If he delivers next week, then his defence will be before Summer.....hurray!! So, he is locked away in his office! Oskar has a couple of days at SFO and then he'll be home before school starts again on 3rd April.

On the weather front, the snow is slowly melting away. The recent fresh snowfall didn't make too much of an impact and thankfully most of the roads are now clear.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Yes, Mother Nature is having the last laugh!

So, it's snowing again!! My husband is delighted because the ski conditions are now perfect! I'm inwardly groaning as this means the snow is going to be around for at least another month ((sigh))
Oskar is getting ready to ski down to his grandparents house!

Of course, I know that snow can come anytime up until May.  But when you see the first glimpses of Spring, you can't blame me for wanting to see green instead of white in the garden!

Sunday, 3 March 2013

It is that time of the year, when..

A) Mother Nature starts playing the impression that Spring is imminent!  You know blue skies, plus degree temperatures (Celsius) and melting snow!

But time and experience has taught me that Winter tends to linger a bit longer.And after looking at the long-term weather forecast, I see that the melting of the snow is going to slow down considerably next week...bbrrrr!!

B) I get a year officially nearer to 50 than 40!!

Oskar asked to make me a card at SFO(after-school club) on Friday. After I picked him up and went to the supermarket, he insisted on buying me the pink roses too<3 br=""> It is very heartwarming considering he is only 6 years old! And just in case you were wondering.....he calls me "Lynn" rather than "Mummy/Mum".  Apparently, "Lynn" is easier to remember!!