Monday, 25 March 2013

Happy Easter / God Påske

In anticipation of the Easter Bunny coming for a visit later in the week. I've put out the seasonal decorations! The decorations are a mix of stuff that has been bought over the years &  Oskar's handy work<3 p="">
The orchids are recent acquisitions. The yellow one was a Valentine's gift from Nils. The pink one was received last week as a belated Birthday gift. Both, of course blend in nicely with Easter window display.

Easter will be a quiet affair this year. Nils is in the process of finishing up his dissertation for his PHd.  If he delivers next week, then his defence will be before Summer.....hurray!! So, he is locked away in his office! Oskar has a couple of days at SFO and then he'll be home before school starts again on 3rd April.

On the weather front, the snow is slowly melting away. The recent fresh snowfall didn't make too much of an impact and thankfully most of the roads are now clear.

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