Sunday, 3 March 2013

It is that time of the year, when..

A) Mother Nature starts playing the impression that Spring is imminent!  You know blue skies, plus degree temperatures (Celsius) and melting snow!

But time and experience has taught me that Winter tends to linger a bit longer.And after looking at the long-term weather forecast, I see that the melting of the snow is going to slow down considerably next week...bbrrrr!!

B) I get a year officially nearer to 50 than 40!!

Oskar asked to make me a card at SFO(after-school club) on Friday. After I picked him up and went to the supermarket, he insisted on buying me the pink roses too<3 br=""> It is very heartwarming considering he is only 6 years old! And just in case you were wondering.....he calls me "Lynn" rather than "Mummy/Mum".  Apparently, "Lynn" is easier to remember!!

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