Saturday, 10 March 2007

6th March - long day!

Happy Birthday Mum! (Irene in UK)
The day begins at 5am at Dubai Airport..........! We are so glad that Emirates got us there 40 minutes early!!! As the airport wasn't too busy at that time, we had a good look at the shopping area. We didn't buy anything apart from something to eat (although the gold was tempting..) Oskar was on top form, flirting with anyone and everyone, including an Emirates staff member having a drink with colleagues! So many people were drawn to is white skin, red hair and smile! As Oskar was so good on the first flight, we did worry a little that he would become unsettled, as we boarded our flight to Manchester. But we worried for nothing - he was on top form again, enjoying the inflight entertainment (Cars and JoJo's Circus). One steward was really taken with Oskar and said "I could bit him!" - a term of endearment? Anyway, Oskar made an impression and the same steward shouted goodbye to Oskar from the opposite side of the plane as we disembarked. For Nils and I, fatigue was starting to kick in. The first thing we did on clearing Customs, was to check-in for the next two flights with KLM. We were so happy that we could get rid of our luggage so quickly. I then bought some paracetamol for my headache and a couple for bottles of water to cure my dehydration. So that we could have somewhere to sit whilst drinking the water (can't take through to airside due to new regulations), we had a coffee and cake to pass the time too. It also allowed us to relax a bit! Once airside, I called Mum to wish her "Happy Birthday", whilst Nils and Oskar had a snooze!
Oskar was a little upset when we boarded the flight to Amsterdam, but soon settled, when fed. 50 minutes later, we were in Amsterdam and waiting for our last flight back to Norway. Again this was a short flight and we arrived after 10pm. A quick shop in the dutyfree shop and collected all our luggage. I was pushing Oskar ahead of Nils, as we walked through the Customs area, so needless to say, Nils drew attention to an Officer as he pushed the laiden trolley through. He was asked questions about everything we were carrying, but when he told them, he was with his wife, they let him go........the prospect of disturbing a sleeping Oskar just wasn't tempting for them - thank goodness! We arrive home, tired and weary at midnight......we had been travelling for 34 hours.....!
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