Wednesday, 25 April 2007

It is going to be a long day!


SAS nightmare update 07.30 - I've sent an SMS to Nils to wish him "happy birthday". I've had no reply so far, so I am hoping he is at Christian's house having a proper sleep. Just hope his mobile isn't flat. We'll be glad when we know where "Daddy" is......! I looked on Copenhagen Airport this morning and the SAS flight to Brussels is also cancelled, so Nils wouldn't have gotten to his meeting...or back to Kristiansand.

Update 10.30 - No news from Nils....have tried calling his mobile, but no reply....getting worried....!

Update 12.00 - Have spoken to Nils:-) He's in Aalborg and will be going to Hirshals to get the "Ana Silvia" (Colorline) at 17.30. He will arrive in Kristiansand at 20.00 and will take either a bus or taxi back to Kjevik to pick up his car. ETA around 22.30:-)

Now I know why Nils took my laptop...his work one is pants! It crashed on me yesterday! Luckily, I am able to use the normal PC and amazed myself that I remembered the password to log on. Off to make a cheesecake whilst Oskar is sleeping. BTW it is another grey, miserable and wet day....!

Update 16.00 - Nils is in Hirshals. He has checked in for his crossing back to Kristiansand and just killing time at the moment before the 17.30 departure. It is 24 degrees in Hirshals - about 14 degrees warmer then here!

Final update on SAS nightmare - Nils arrived home at 22.40!
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