Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Scrapbooking Magazines.

It looks like there is going to be a new scrapbook magazine hitting the stores in June. This time, it is exclusively for Scandinavian scrapbookers - Skandinavisk Scrapbooking. Of course, I'll be subbing to this new magazine. However, I feel by doing this, that it will be a kiss of death for the yet to be published........! I don't have a good experience for subscribing to scrapbook magazines. Both Scrapbook Magic (British) and Scrapbook Answers (US), were great reads and very popular. But their publishing companies decided to pull the plug on both. Just hope that this "new kid on the block" will last longer than a 12-18 months. Saying that, Ett Trykk, a Norwegian stamping bi-monthly, with card making/Scrapbooking seems to do reasonably well. There may be hope..!

So, what else am I doing? Well, looking for new stock for Ellesea! It is so hard, when you want to buy it all-LOL! I have decided to make a few changes with Ellesea. As the current market is saturated with similar stores, it is important to do something different to the competition. So, we are now different!

Also had my hair cut today:-)

Oskar is continuing to do well. We had a little hiccup the other night when Nils started to give him his bedtime bottle, but everthing is fine now. A bonus is that Oskar is sleeping through the night too:-) The big test will be next week. Nils will travel to Brussels for a review meeting for the EIAO project (European Internet Accessibility Observatory), so Oskar will have to hopefully take a bottle from me......keep your fingers crossed!
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