Tuesday, 24 April 2007

SAS - DO not use this Airline!

The weather is grey and miserable. Nils has left for his trip to Brussels. He has taken my laptop with him, as the EU have issued more questions ahead of tomorrows EIAO meeting and my laptop is far better than his work issued Windows one! So, he will be able to work ,review and prepare whilst travelling.

So, what are Oskar and I up to? Well, as I type, he is having his nap. If I am lucky, it will be for 2 hours. Just enough time to sort out the washing, have lunch, prepare dinner.........! When he wakes, we'll have a trip to the local shops and then play for a bit. If I am really lucky I might get some "me" time after his bedtime. Time will tell.....!

A little update at 19:00 hrs. Nils is currently stranded in Copenhagen. SAS cabin personnel are on an unofficial strike! Nils is waiting in a massive queue, to find out "what happens next!" As it stands, it looks likely that he will spend the night in Denmark. If he can't be put on the 07.15 flight to Brussels(tomorrow), then he will be on a flight back to Norway! The annoying thing is that, he was booked on a KLM flight, but someone decided to change his flights to save a bit of money......expensive move, as the flight and hotel cancellation is a bit high for non-attendance of a very important meeting! But we'll see.....maybe he'll get to his meeting - I'll let you know!

Update 21:00hrs. There are NO rooms available for Nils, so now has to try and get back to Norway from Copenhagen. Total chaos at the airport and after waiting in a queue for 4 hours, still not managed to sort out "what to do next". Luckily, a Danish colleague was booked on the same flight to Brussels as Nils, so option A is to go by train to Aalborg and stay at Christians house tonight and travel by train and ferry back to Kristiansand to pick up his car. Option B is to try and get on the last flight to Torp this evening. If that is the case. I'll have to drive to the airport and pick Nils up (3hour round trip). Tomorrow, we then have to drive to Kjevik (Kristiansand Airport) to pick up Nils' car. Both options a real hassle! Just need to wait for another call from Nils to see what he decides.

Update 22:00hrs. Nils is going to make his way via train to Aalborg with Christian. The last flight to Torp was full...So, not sure what time they will reach Aalborg. Still chaos at the airport, so Nils hasn't managed to see any staff to get any info or receive food/drink vouchers....:-( The SAS website is totally out of touch with the situation. They are saying that passengers would be put up in hotels, offered vouchers! Are they not aware there are no rooms to be had on the CPH are of Denmark and Southern Sweden this evening?

Update 22.45hrs. The train from Copenhagen to Aalbourg will take 5 hours and departs at 00.30. Nils is hoping to get some sleep....It will then be further travel to Hirshals to get the ferry at 13.45. He'll arrive in Krisiansand at around 18.30 and then has to get a taxi or bus back to the airport for the car. It is then nearly a 2 hour drive back home. So, Nils will spend most of his Birthday/our anniversary travelling and will get back a couple of hours earlier than if he'd done the EIAO meeting! I'll be glad when he is back home.
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