Sunday, 15 April 2007

Work finished for the time being....!

My scraproom now has 3 new windows. The renovation work is finished for now and will re-commence in July. To coincide with this, Oskar and I will spend a month in UK, to escape all the dust and mess! Can't escape the dust at the moment though, but the cleaning process shouldn't take too much time. I can't wait to get cracking in my room again and I'm sure Oskar will like been back in there once again. Now the weather is warming up, it is nice cool, unlike the rest of the house.

The end of work also means that Mum, Dad and Uncle George have now gone back to UK. I'm sure Oskar will miss all the extra attention he has been getting over the past 10 days. Just have to wait and see if he will continue to accept a bedtime bottle off Nils or me......."Mummy Milk is coming off the menu...."
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