Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Autumn is well & truly here! Leaves are falling off the trees, frosty mornings!
All the begonias & dahlias are up and put away for the winter. Our only sunflower is now beginning to fade too! So it is back to drying clothes in the house, lighting the stoves for warmth, wearing long sleeves!
On a plus note, the floors have been sanded and soon to be varnished. Even in their unfinished state, they look so much better:) Whilst the varnishing is been done, we are living temporarily at Olav & Torbjørg's place. Sunday, we will be back, sorting everything in
time for my parents arriving next week!
Also, we have booked flights for Brussels in December:) Nils has two review meetings on 18th & 19th with the EU for the EIAO project. So, as I like Brussels, Oskar and I are coming along too. Last time I was in Brussels, it was December too & the Grand Place looked like something from Disneyworld, with all the Christmas lights! I am sure Oskar will love it......if not, he will like the chocolates......wonder who he takes after-LOL!
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