Thursday, 17 May 2007

17. mai

Today is Norway's national day. A day when most people don their traditional dress (bunad) and join in parades and celebrations.

I'm not Norwegian, so no national dress for me. Not for my jeans and t-shirt husband either! As for Oskar, he was dressed smartly in his strippy jeans, best shirt and denim jacket! He looked very smart/casual. I just don't like the "little Lord Fauntelroy" look for my little boy.

As for the day, we went to one of the local schools for an hour. In the area we live, the day starts with "toget" (parade). When this finishes, the days festivities start at the school near to the church. By early afternoon, the activities move a few km's away to the other school (where we went). I just wish that in a small community like ours, that there is just one venue and not two. There is a feeling of "them and us", which I think is sad. But these are just my feelings on the matter.

Later in the day, we were invited to a BBQ hosted by friends. We were joined by both their sets of parents and other close relatives. It was great for Oskar, as he had two little friends his own age to play with. Normally these kind of days are the ones you spend with your own family.....not an option for us!
We left just before Oskar's bedtime as a previous trip out told us the hard way that small children can be tricky when their routine gets out of sync! No problem today though:-)
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