Thursday, 30 August 2007

How to cure a sore back..

For the last couple of days, my back has been really sore. It happened on Tuesday morning. All I did was barely move, as I played with Oskar on the floor-BANG Something doesn't feel right anymore! Anyway, I have struggled since a morning I resemble a 90 year old needing a zimmer frame (until the anti-inflam meds kick in) Well today I was out shopping with Oskar. The cheeky chappy decided he wanted to go for a walk after the supermarket and stopped when he was inside the shop selling toys!!!! Anyway, after we left, he didn't want to walk and was a little so & one point he was like a puppet (he was wearing a harness) as that was the only way to get him to move, without me bending or picking him up. Then the little monkey made a sudden jolt and back really hurts! We got back to the car and I could feel the lower back uncomfortable. However, since then, my back has actually improved, can't believe it! It still isn't right, but better than it was. So, my son is an alternative therapist;-)

Later in the day, Daddy took Oskar to have a look at Mummy's poor old car and had a look!
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