Friday, 16 November 2007

We are well now.....

....and the lounge is Mimosa Yellow!!! I'm still amazed that Nils agreed to the colour;-) I'll add photos when the room is completely finished.

Had to take Oskar to the Dr's a couple of days ago as he had a really sore bottom and rash on his legs and bits & bobs! Diagnosis was a reaction to either:
a) MMR vaccination.
b) Teething.
c) The stomach virus he had recently!
OR a combination of all three! October was a tough month for his little body.
Glad to say that the rash is now lessening and the bottom isn't as sore:-)

There were two Scrapparazzi birthdays last weekend, so managed Janet's card and Lynn's 4x4 CJ pages. Amazingly Posten & Royal Mail worked well and the cards arrived on time:-)
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