Sunday, 4 November 2007

16 months old today!

Time does fly......!

So, I didn't do the update as planned - there was a good reason. Anyway, here's what we've been up to since my last big post.

Mum & Dad came over for a visit laden with Christmas pressies! The 10 days flew past and before we knew it, they were heading home. Oskar and I were intending on taking them to Torp for their flight. However, Oskar came down with a contagious stomache virus on their last day. Poor little mite was quite poorly for a day or so, but took a week before we were clear of extreme nappies. They disappeared as his appetite came back. He is full of life again and eating for Norway - which is good because he lost so much weight. He's lost his "chunky chicken legs"! I fell foul to the virus too and am recovering from my 48 hour extreme detox!

We've got our Brussels trip all sorted too - we will be staying at the SAS Radisson EU Hotel for 3 nights:-)

Tomorrow, Oskar and I will visit Anne Gro & Anette. I am hoping to finish the Scrapparazzi ATC & November birthday swaps whilst there too......already a bit late with the posting. But, it is possible for stuff to cross The North Sea in only two kind to us postal system so that the cards and CJ pages arrive in UK by 10th November.

Update on the DIY - just one more coat of varnish (number 7) and they are done - hurray! can you believe that everything will be completed by Christmas!....
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