Monday, 11 February 2008

2nd post of the year...

..and it is mid February already! Ohhh, I should be ashamed for been so behind;) Where has the first 6 weeks of this year gone?

Well, beginning of January, Oskar had his 18 month check-up. All is fine:-) He weighed in at 11.5kg & 82cm. That makes him very much a 50 percentile child, which is fine with us....not too small and not too big!

Also in January, I booked a weekend at Scrap-a-Ganza in June. It will be the first time I'll be away from Oskar for more than an hour or too. It will be 3 whole days! I am feeling guilty about abandoning Oskar and Nils, but so need the break. It will be a full-on scrapfest! I'm planning on doing lots of classes, so my mind should be occupied all the time. At least I hope it will!
I was originally planning on going to a Scrapajack retreat in Stratford on Avon in May. We were going to incorporate a weeks holiday in a cottage with my parents too. However, As Nils' work contract/plans are still not approved and current contract expires 29th February, I looked at doing the trip alone. Unfortunately, flights and retreat came to far too much money for the UK option. Also, the dates were not as favourable either. So, I had to abandon that idea, which is a shame as I wont be able to see Dawn, Lesley, Lynn or Racheal:(

On the home front, we are slowly getting back to normal. I just need to get my scrapping stuff re-housed in the "BLUE ROOM",and I can then catch-up on all the stuff I need to do.....thank-you cards from Christmas, up coming swaps etc. Hopefully, this will be the last time I move all my craft things and they remain in their new home.

February means the beginning of the Birthday season in our families. So far, we have had: Tor - 4th Feb, Elise - 7th Feb. Next we have Drew on 13th Feb, Dad (Ron) - 21st Feb, Olav - 24th Feb, ME - 2nd March, Mum (Irene) - 6th March, Ove - 11th March & Even - 19th March! That's a lot of pressies to buy! Also, it doesn't include the people I know and relatives we have, that we send cards too during this MAD 6 weeks!

The weather is feeling rather Spring like at the moment. The snow and ice is melting and receding. Green shoots are appearing too. We even had 3 roedeer outside the kitchen window this afternoon! Mind you, there is still plenty of time for more snow, but I really hope we have a snow free Easter this year.

The photos were taken in Brussels in December.
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