Tuesday, 12 August 2008


After an long day, Oskar and I arrived safely last Wednesday. Everything went well, although I didn't expect Oskar to be upset about having his own seat on the plane. So from Kristiansand to Amsterdam, he was allowed to sit on my knee! He was fine once we were flying and happy to move around, but just wouldn't sit on his own seat.

At Schipol, I bought "Percy" from Thomas the Tank engine and he was really happy to play with this. What Oskar didn't know was I also bought his favourite train "Toby" too, so this was my ace card for the flight from Amsterdam to Manchester. When we boarded our flight, Oskar wasn't too happy again, but with the help of Percy and Toby, he sat in his own seat and was happy:) Result!

Getting on our train to York was tricky...nobody wanted to help me. But once on board, Oskar loved the train journey. He was even given a large bar of chocolate from a kind passenger! I was thankful, that my parents were on the plaform at York, and with the help of a kind fellow passenger, get off the train easier than we got on. So after leaving home at 8am CET, we arrived at my parents house at 8.30pm BST.....thirteen hours later.
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