Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Decisions, decisions-LOL!

Nothing too taxing but there are two potential contenders for my money this Autum. Firstly is Mini SAG at Haarlem between 14-16th November. Secondly Scrap a Fairy Tale between 3rd-5th October in Doorn. (both Netherlands)

Flight prices are higher than what I paid in January for Mega SAG, so that is a downer! Availability is getting tricky, which means the flight prices are becoming too expensive. So, which venue will I choose?

I'm really not sure yet. There are pros and cons for both, although the one at Doorn seems more viable due to flights. (still Summer schedule in October) Mind you, I'll have to be creative as it will mean having to fly from Oslo, rather from my local airports (Sandefjord TRF, Kristiansand KRS). However, I can catch a train from the station 4km away, and the fare is cheaper than petrol and parking at either airports + I don't have to drive:) But it means getting the train at 04.30am and one that gets me back at 02.30am, so not really convenient! But hey, it has to be done-LOL!

So, I'll chew everything over and make a decision in a few days. It would be nice of both organisers released teacher info for the events. SaFT has confirmed one of the owners for Maya Road (yummy stuff) and someone from MME (love their paper), but want to know who the remainig teachers will be? Lida deWitte would be GREAT...fingers crossed.

I'll be concentrating on all things birthday over the next few days, so we'll see what developes.
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