Thursday, 9 October 2008

Oskar's trek..

One Tuesday teatime, after Anette went home. Oskar and Nils decided to go for a walk. As usual, Nils lets Oskar decide on the route. So, he decided to walk along the road which takes you down to the bridge, before the main Gjerstadveien. The distance to the bridge from our house is 1.6km (1 mile) and Oskar walked 1.4km. He was getting tired and we don't know if he would have made it to the bridge, if I hadn't rung to say dinner was ready.

The cavalary arrives (Me and Mummy Car) I hoped to get better photos, but Oskar and Nils were far too busy looking forward to the lift home!

It would be unthinkable for Oskar NOT to take Thomas the Tank and Tractor with him on such a trip!

Looking down the road (towards the bridge)

The road up to where we live.
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