Monday, 11 May 2009

Finse 3-8 May 2009

Nils went to Finse on 3rd May to attend a Winter School for his PHd studies. After a 7 1/2 hour train journey, he arrived at the highest point on the Oslo-Bergen railway....1222m above sea level!

The Hotel at the station! Yes that is a railway carriage connecting the two buildings!

Nils and his Professor Vladimir out skiing! This was nice weather! On a couple of other days there was blizzard conditions!

As the conditions are so harsh, the few trees that are around are like Bonzai! Here is an example of a Pussy Willow! (We have a couple of mature ones in our garden)

Alcohol is purely medicinal, of course! ;-)

Not quite a full moon over Finse on 8th May! (full moon 9th May)

Nils thoroughly enjoyed his time there and having the opportunity to ski as well as learn!

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