Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Shadow is my old saggy puss from England! I got Shadow and her brother (Parker) from an animal rescue centre at Allerton Bywater, West Yorkshire in October 1996!

Shadow has always been a "fair weather" cat and unless the sun is shining and the temperature is above 15 degrees celsius, then she usually has to be pushed out of the door, to get some fresh air!

So, last Thursday, Parker and Shadow spent some time outside. In fact, it was most of the day as I had forgotten they were out (there is always food outside to feed our other 2 "outdoor cats") Anyway, I remembered to let them in at bedtime, after midnight!

As I opened the door, Parker shot in, but I had to shout for Shadow. Luckily, she appeared after a few minutes. Shadow isn't a very streetwise cat, so not one to leave out all night!

The next morning, I noticed she was curled up in her bed most of the day! - at least when i saw her. Then again on Saturday, she seemed not herself! Before going to Anette's birthday, we put out a slice of ham for her, but no response. So, as I left, I put the titbit, next to her.

When we got back, no change, but the ham had been eaten. So, I picked her up and put her near the sink to have a drink..she wasn't interested. So, I then opened a tin of tuna....no response :-( (normally she is going mad at the sound of the tin opening) We were starting to get worried! I noticed a bit of loose fur on her back, but couldn't see any wounds, so didn't think she had been in a fight. Nils noticed there was swelling on her back near her kidneys..my heart sunk!

So, Nils called the vet and they were able to see Shadow. Picking her up and cuddling her, before putting in the travel box broke my heart. By this time, she was looking really poorly and I thought that I was saying "goodbye" to her! Nils was asking me what I wanted to do..and possible scenarios.....it was so upsetting.

Nils and Shadow went off to Risør and I sat waiting, not knowing if I would see my little saggy, furniture shredding cat alive again.

One hour later, Nils calls to tell me the outcome : Shadow would be okay :-) She had been bitten on her back, where her kidneys are and if she had been left much longer, would have died. So after some pain relief...she then purred:-) and some medication, they came home and Shadow was prescribed the same antibiotics that our white tom was on...so, we had enough in the house, before getting fresh on Monday morning.

Now a few days later, she is eating well and has dared to venture out into the garden again, on her own free will:-)

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