Friday, 10 July 2009

4th July - It was a HOT one! Oskar's 3rd Birthday!

Saturday 4th July 2009, was a Hot day! 30 degrees celsius in the shade!
The party began at 3pm, which was perfect timing as the sun had moved behind the lime tree, to create a shaded area near to the party tent!

"don't fix, what isn't broken!" Hotdogs are perfect party food and means no preparation by the hostess ;-D So we had the same menu as the previous two parties and we'll stick to this formula for future ones too-LOL!

Oskar getting ready to blow out his three candles....!

Oskar nearly started to cry as everyone sang "happy birthday" to him! We wasn't expecting him to be so emotional.


Onkel Ove bought Oskar an executive cosmic office toy from USA. Oskar is studying it closely and thinks it is a Sterling Engine, like he has seen on You Tube!

A tired but happy Mummy!

Anette enjoying a cake and showing off her "clean" hands ;-)

Overall, a good time had by all! See you at 3pm on Sunday 4th July 2010, when we will do it all again:-D
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