Monday, 18 November 2013

Christmas Cake

My tried and tested Christmas cake recipe.
Chocolate fruitcake | BBC Good Food

This is a great alternative to a traditional rich, fruit celebration cake I am used too, but works for us.  As with any recipe I use , I have to substitute a little if I can't find the exact ingredients.
I used extra raisins, dried apricots and dried strawberries instead of currants.  Currants can be found here, but not so common.  I never use them anyway because I don't like finding stray seeds in cakes. Whilst in UK, you have a choice in quality/brand of dried fruit you buy - here, you don't.  So, I wont compromise on quality.  After all, this isn't a cheap cake to make!  I couldn't find dried cherries of any description, so used dates.  My dark chocolate was 70%. and lastly my alcohol of choice is Cherry Brandy:)

I made my cake a week ago, and today it has had its first feed.  The cake will be feed 2-3 times more before been decorated nearer to Christmas.

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