Thursday, 19 December 2013

Looking for the "Perfect" Christmas Tree.

We had a little trip into the forest on Saturday looking for a Christmas Tree.  We are usually looking for something with a max. height of 3.25m / 10ft.

We headed off just after lunch with a flask of cocoa, clementines and biscuits, as well the essential tools -ax and saw.  Due to the fact that the weather forecast had been wrong the previous night ( we had rain instead of snow ) :-O, the track was slippery so we couldn't take a trailer with us.  Also, we only have one 4WD car, so contigency plans were made and it was arranged that Nils' father would drive up and pick me, Oskar and his friend up, whilst Nils would drive back with the Christmas tree, once it had been found and chopped down.

When we stopped and got out of the car, it seemed that we'd come to the wrong place...nothing looked "worthy".  So we decided to let Oskar and his friend do a bit of sledging before heading for another location.  Athough it was only early afternoon, the sun was barely above the horizon and the air was decidedly chilly.
The rain that had fallen the previously night had frozen in the trees, so any slight breeze sent hail like drops from the trees.

We'd just about decided to give-up our search and have the cocoa etc, when Nils spotted "our" tree and then we saw another!  Decisions, decisions!  Actually, it didn't take too long to decide because by now my Father-in-Law had turned up and the boys were devastated to find out I'd forgotten to bring cups for the cocoa :-0  We were all ready to head back as quickly as possible.
Boys with toys: Nils with an ax, Oskar with the saw.
Now the job was done, we headed back home to the warm house...the warm cocoa was perfect :-)
This is how our Christmas 2013 tree looks :-)

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