Friday, 13 December 2013

Santa Lucia & Lussekatter


Today is Santa Lucia, which is celebrated throughout Scandinavia.  It is one of the very few saints days observed in this part of Northern Europe.  Celebrations are usually kept to barnehager (kindergarten/Nursery) and schools and rarely observed at home.  Nils and I watched the Santa Lucia procession (tog) when Oskar was at barnehage.  The first time he cried his eyes out and Nils had to carry him around in the train/tog.  One year we managed to get him dressed in the traditional white long gown and he sang his way alone, holding a candle - result!  Today at school, where Oskar is 2nd year pupil, there will be a procession.

As with any good feast, there is a something tasty to accompany it - Lussekatter.  I used this recipe (Norwegian) to make the ones pictured above.  I looked on the internet to find an equivalent recipe in English, but it looks like everyone has their own "best" way to make them.  The ones I made include cardamom.  Recipes I found from USA/Australia didn't include this.  Also, some use Quark/Kesam/Kvarg and recipe didn't include either ingredient.  Whilst there is absolutely nothing wrong with the ones I made, next year, I think I'll try a different recipe to compare.
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