Friday, 2 October 2009


On the whole the weather in Rende (Cosenza) was rubbish - dull every day, with rain at least once a day. (Luckily that was most afternoons whilst Oskar had his nap)
Our first trip to look at the sights of Cosenza was after Nils' conference had finished on the Wednesday lunchtime. We fully intended having a look around and finding a nice restaurant, but we struggled to find somewhere. You see, we'd eaten pizza every night since we had arrived and wanted to try something else. Unfortunately, we could find anything BUT pizza. Also it was raining heavily, so we decided to head back to our hotel, which by this time was open for dinner. Nils and I had some lovely seafood pasta and the chef made a nice bowl of tomato spaghetti for Oskar.

The following day, we went back to Cosenza to have a look around in the daylight. Despite the rain, we tried as best we could to take some photos and keep an eye on Oskar, who wanted to jump in every single puddle. Oskar quickly found out that unless you are wearing wellies, your feet and socks get wet;)
All the statues were along Corso G. Mazzini.

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