Friday, 2 October 2009

Travelling to Italy (via Bologna)

The day we started the first leg to Southern Italy (Saturday 19th September)was busy and stressful. Nils and I were happy that Oskar had been given the all clear to fly ( visited the Dr's on the Wednesday & Friday ), but just to add a bit of drama, I had developed an eye infection! I also, had seen the Dr the day before and had been given a prescription for penicillin (just in case)! Typically the new symptoms appeared after the consultation, so off we went on the Saturday morning to Arendal. It was a pleasant suprise that Nils' half cousin was the Dr on duty that morning. The diagnosis for me : eye AND outer ear infection! So, we then trotted off to the pharmacy to pick up eye and ear ointment...! After waiting " forever" for the prescription, we went to the supermarket next door to grab some bread rolls and bottled water for lunch. Nothing wrong in that, except I leaned across and picked up a divider for the conveyor belt at the check-out and placed it next to the loaf of bread the lady behind me had put down. BIG MISTAKE!!! This lady started ranting on and on about not wanting me to touch her bread (which I didn't, nor wanted to!) Nils and I were both perplexed by this big show of emotion by her! We were even more suprised when she followed us out of the store, still ranting?!! What was it all about, you ask? Well, all we can think is that she thought I had Swine Flu! Which, if I had, then I would have been far to ill to be out and about shopping. Yes, I looked rough! :Puffy, sore eyes, but really.....! We then got in the car and drove home..after all we needed to finish packing and still had a 90 minute drive to Torp Airport! We managed all of organisation and got to Torp in good time. Phew, I could now relax for a little while.

Oskar and I at Torp Airport. I decided to wear the sunglasses to that my "look" didn't offend anyone;)


Oskar and Nils looking out of the window at the sunset.

Oskar and I at the railway station at Lamazia Terme.

We actually arrived at Lamazia Terme on the Sunday lunchtime, after spending an overnight at the Sheraton Hotel at Bologna Airport. We were only there for the night, arriving at 22:30 and left at 07:45 the following morning for our flight to Lamazia Terme. Once we landed at the airport, we caught a bus to the train station. We got on a train to Cosenza, which was near to our final destination at Rende. The train ride was okay, even though we had to change trains at Paola. Nils also couldn't convert his internet confirmation into train tickets as the machines operated in Italian only..just like the local people;) Finally we arrived at our hotel (After an expensive taxi ride from the station) at 15:30. We had all arrived in one piece (just-LOL!) Oskar's ears had been fine on both flights..mine had not, but I wasn't bothered, just glad to have made the journey!
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