Friday, 2 October 2009

Rende ( Cosenza ) - Metropolis aka Brokelandsheia!!!

This place was a saving grace....For me = shopping heaven!, For Oskar = toy shop, For Nils = nothing;), For us all on the day we arrived....FOOD! First thing we wanted after we'd dropped off our luggage at the hotel was food. However, the hotel restaurant had finished lunch and wasn't open again until 8pm. So, we went out looking for somewhere to eat....nothing! Then we walked a bit further along the road and voila! Shopping Centre (Metropolis) AND it was open on a Sunday...Hurray! Nils doesn't like shopping, but even he was happy that there was at least a supermarket there. Even better that they had a food court:) So, we sampled our first Italian pizza. We also quickly realised that speaking English wasn't very useful! Nils found the guy at the pizza place spoke some German, whiched helped. But no-one spoke anything other than Italian. But who cared!, we had some food and we were satisfied:-)
Oskar called the shopping centre "Brokelandsheia", because there was a Spar at Metropolis, just like there is at our local shoping area.

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