Friday, 2 October 2009

Nice 6th-11th September

After the terrible weather during the Summer, we were all looking forward to the fact that September meant we would find some Mediterranean sunshine. But as life has its twists and turns, things don't always go to plan:(
We checked in and printed off our boarding cards for our flight to Nice (via Amsterdam). Nils took Oskar out for a while, whilst I packed for the trip. On returning at teatime, Oskar said he had "ow ow ears"! So, we took him to Legevakten in Arendal and were told he had an inner ear infection in both ears..."Oskar can't fly" So, we collected the antibiotics and drove home.
Once home, Nils had to contact KLM to advise that Oskar and I were not travelling. So on Sunday 6th September, Nils made his own way to Nice. For us back in Norway, it was a challenging week at home. Oskar was in no pain/discomfort due to the medication, so was a little bu**er - really naughty and playing up his Mummy! Our washing machine also broke down and I had the humiliation of having problems with my new bank card that wouldn't work, as I didn't have the correct PIN for it ((sigh)) Lastly, Oskar had an allergic reation to his antibiotics, so we had another trip to the doctors for more medication! So we were really happy when Nils came home on the Friday evening.
I've been to Nice on a couple of times, so was really wanting to go again, but maybe there will be a next time soon? Nils is very much a "country boy", but he liked Nice, so here are a few of his photos:

Nils at the harbour side in Nice

Nice Harbour

Old Town, Nice.

Croissant eating pigeon!
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