Wednesday, 21 February 2007

19th February - Kings Park

Took the train to Perth, had lunch in Forrest Place (the central square of Perth) and went to the tourist office to get information about train travel within Western Australia. Train rides should be quite Oskar friendly, as long as they are not too long. Our selection of holiday packages seems to be limited to Bunbury, to have a train ride of 2 hours or less. A holiday package is turning out to be cheaper than buying 1st class tickets, and you still get 1st class train tickets! After that, we went to Kings Park, had a walk around the scenic park and took some pictures. There were gigantic pine trees, which produce the pine nuts that the local parrot like kookaburras like well. We took a picture of an interesting spiky tree that reminds me of how you feel when you have got all the “spikes out”. There were several war memorials, and we had a look around Aspects, which is an exclusive crafts shop and bookstore. We had a drink outside, and Oskar got fed before we started walking back. Nils took the opportunity of taking pictures of a cheeky Aussie Magpie that was sat on a seat next to him, at the table! We walked back into town down the avenue lined with lemon scented gumtrees on our way back to Perth station. In the evening, both Lynn and Nils were tired, but Oskar was in top form – he had been sleeping half the day whilst we had pushed him around in his pushchair!
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