Sunday, 11 February 2007

1st February - Ready? Steady, Go!

Total chaos was around us as I tried to get everything packed for the trip. It is stressful getting everything done, so that it complied with airline and airport guidelines! In the end, we got two large holdalls packed, two pieces of hand luggage, a buggy and Oskar's carry back-pack! We left around 2pm for the 90 minute drive to the airport. It was hard to believe it was the beginning of February, as the sun was shining and the temperature suprisingly Spring like.

On arrival at Torp, Oskar was on top form - loving all that was new around him and enjoying the atmosphere of the surroundings. I and probably Nils, was apprehensive as flying with Oskar was to be a step into the unknown. The new customs procedures were in place and Nils had to try Oskar's drink, much to Oskar's disgust! The 90 minute flight to Amsterdam was very uneventful. Oskar was as good as gold and even enjoyed the in-flight sandwich! Before we knew it, we landed at Schipol. Only 3 more flights to Australia.........!

By the time we boarded for the second flight, Oskar was tired. It was 9pm. The flight to Manchester was only 1 hour, but that was long enough. We were really glad that we were staying at the hotel near to Terminal 2, so that within a short space of time after arriving, we were in our hotel room for the night.
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