Saturday, 10 February 2007

7th February - in Nils' words....

Elise is 10. Happy Birthday, Elise! Oskar was better today, and we got our first night with decent sleep after arriving. Finally it seems like both Oskar and we have got over the jet lag! Lisas friends Myra and Jackie also saw Oskar, and said he was georgous. Jackie had a good hand with children, and managed to get Oskar to sleep. We had to put him in his new pram, since he is not very fond of sleeping in his travel cot. Elise came back from the school in the afternoon, and started opening some of her cards. Drew was delayed due to problems with the trains, and came some hours later. Elise then opened all her nice birthday presents. In the evening we went down to Sizzlers to have dinner. The dinner was nice, and Oskar got a high chair and some bread crumbs to chew on, so he was happy. As desert he even got to taste icecream, which he seems to like much better than vegetables for some reason???! When we came back, we tasted Elises birthday cake.

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