Saturday, 10 February 2007

8th February - in Nils' words...

Last night was very hot. Went to Perth. When waiting for the train, we discovered that we were 30c short. A woman in her late 50s approached us, and asked if we had any problems? We told her that we were short of change, and she gave us the 30c. She was very nice and chatty and told us that she went to an equestrian centre to learn how to drive trotters. This was her dream come true, after she had had a weight operation and had lost 48 kg. She said she might even start riding again. She had ancestors in Denmark and Norway. She sat beside us in the train, and told that she had seen most of Australia, but had only been abroad to Malaysia once. She gave some good hints about places to see in WA, like Margaret River and Denmark. First, we had a look around Subiaco, and then had dinner in the city centre. Lynn bought a new top in Target. On the way back, we went to Woolworths to buy some groceries. Lisa came to pick us up. Elise had been to the girlscouts. They had had a water day with water bombs and wet sponges, so she was completely wet through! Lynn made dinner, and served chicken in tyme in the evening. Oskar did settle in his cot this evening, and slept through most of the night in it.

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