Sunday, 25 February 2007

23rd February - a day in Freo!

We decided to go back to Freo today, to do some shopping. We both like the place, so it wasn't too hard getting ready to head off to the railway station. Suprisingly, it was a lovely cool walk and very pleasant. Oskar seems content too. He generally likes the travel on the trains and was fine on the trip into Perth. However, by the time we were half way to Freo, everyone on the train were aware, he was ready for his lunch! So, first thing we did on arrival, was have lunch! After that, he settled down for a bit and we headed for the indoor market, which is only open from Friday-Sunday each week. Nils bought 3 hats (2 are birthday gifts and 1 for himself) Oskar liked charming the lady that owned the stall! We didn't stay looking long, as it was busy, so went off to catch the CAT (free bus) to take us to the opposite side of Freo. Nils wanted to buy another birthday present from the Arts Museum;-) Oskar was really cranky on the CAT. An elderly Japanese couple managed to amuse him for a little of the journey, but was clear that all he wanted was MILK! So, we had to stop and have coffee and cake, so that I has the opportunity to feed Oskar! Nils then madce his purchase in the shop and we then went to catch the CAT again, so that we could connect with the train back to Perth.
We didn't go straight back to Kelmscott, as we were meeting up with everyone in Gosnells. Drew had his brown stripe taekwondo accreditation, and Nils was acting as cameraman! We thought that Oskar would be frightened by the chanting as the students were put through their paces, but no. He loved it and joined in making his own noises too. Drew passed and was awarded his new belt. Now he has to train for just one more month before doing his black belt!
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